In her article about ways healthcare is putting AI machine learning to use Stephanie Baum covers:

    ·Medication adherence and cites Aicure which utilizes AI and mobile tech to determine if a person has taken their drug at the right time which is great for adherence but it can also be used to flag adverse events. She also cited Aime Health Coach which is a virtual assistant style tech that delves into why patients are not taking meds

    ·Healthy behavior and the example Baum uses is Welltok and its Caféwell concierge app that taps into natural language to understand users goals and assist them with the right balance of nudges and alerts to help them

    ·Support of caregivers via Greatcall Link that supports carers with family and friends and utilizes GPS to identify location if there is a call for help

    ·Drug development in which AI and big data is being utilizes to identify new drug compounds – J&J and Sanofi are using AI to find new targets for FDA approved drugs

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Healthcare execs can use it for numerous other business applications given the ability of AI to transform companies. Integrating artificial intelligence based analytics with your offering can provide substantial benefits including the following to name a few:

    ·Understanding of optimal strategic direction

    ·Enhanced value proposition identification

    ·Enhanced competitor differentiation

    ·Optimal resource and budget allocation for maximum market share gain, revenue and profit

    ·Ability to see which segments will offer the most value to your brand as well as what levers to pull to maximize the growth from them

Implementing next generation artificial intelligence based analytics helps you achieve stronger growth faster and more easily than ever before.