CB Insights just published the names of 11 startups supported by significant investments that are designing artificial intelligence (AI) enabled robots.

But, just yesterday Sky News released the results from a survey it conducted on Britons’ perception of the current intelligent machine revolution. 40% of Britons fear that robots could one day wipe out, not only jobs, but also the overall humanity. Not a small number of people, indeed.

As noted in previous points of view, Bill Gates, Vint Cerf, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and many other experts and scientists are cautioning us about the rise of AI and the machines AI powers, as these may have a negative impact on humans.

Nonetheless, there are friendly robots too out there that could deliver significant benefits to society.

For instance, Jibo, the friendly, helpful and intelligent family robot that senses, responds and learns, was already out for home purchase and Christmas gifting last year. All 1,000 Jibo Home and Jibo Developer Editions were offered in exchange for a crowd funding donation of $499 and $599, respectively and sold out by early July. The full version of the robot is expected to be produced and delivered to the Jibo’s backers by 2016.

Another family robot I discovered through interactions via twitter last week is Mycroft.ai. Based on very similar concepts as Jibo, Mycroft is an open source AI where customers, users, engineers and designers can contribute new ideas, features and solutions and add these back to the community. The new capabilities can become parts of an extended portfolio of modules that individuals, families and offices can benefit from.

You might have heard of 360GlobalNet, a company that creates novel and disruptive digital products. 360GlobalNet utilises a futuristic friend called Boris3-6T. Boris is a humanoid robot designed for human interaction, communication and entertainment in public spaces, such as conferences.

As part of the list shared by CB Insights there is a vigilant security robot called G2R Cybernetics from Gamma 2 Robotics. This robot is used to make complex and sophisticated decisions based on a multitude of changing factors and situations (Flood, Smoke, Fire, Intrusion). I feel that this platform could potentially be a great addition to a commercial insurance proposition so that to control, manage and prevent unexpected events.

As Andrew McAfee, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told Sky News “the robot revolution is happening right now".