What wonderful news that payers may actually reimburse pharma for technologies that can demonstrate reduced costs to payers. What refreshing news. There is so much happening in the beyond-the-pill space to wrap drugs in value added services and many of these have been found to provide better patient outcomes and less physician and hospital visits. Pharma have been working with digital health companies for over 2 decades from the Lifescan and Novo Nordics partnership from the early 2000s to all the ones being done today. All efforts have been to assist patients achieve better outcomes and help them manage their condition so by linking these efforts to AI powered data integration and analytics, we can prove the results of these efforts are having a beneficial impact on patient outcomes and reduced cost to the health system. Well done payers. All that is needed is to collect and integrate the data coming in from these initiatives, connect the dots with the cost reduction to payers, prove the case and apply for reimbursement for all apps and digital health initiatives. If you need help, let me know.